Iron County uses the Federal Census Bureau TIGER line files for many of its layers.  They provide Census Block data, water and stream data, County and Minor Civil Division data, and roads data.

The TIGER files are updated nearly every year, especially on the of a Federal Census.


WisconsinView, a consortium including members such as the WI-DNR, UW, USGS, USDA, and WLIA, provides free access to air photos.

Click the link above to jump over to the WisconsinView website. Then, click the "Data Downloads" link at the top right. You will have to register to get to the data.

When you get to the first data page, click the "NAIP DOQQs" tab at the top of the page. that will give you the best images. Click the year that you want. Click Iron County and a Google map of the County will be displayed. You can zoom in and out, and pan around to find the area you want. The blue rectangles are each an individual file. Click a blue rectangle, and a pop-up balloon tells you the name of the quarter-quad, and give you a link to download the GeoTIFF. the images will be supplied in zip files. they are very large, approximately 100mb each, so they will take a while to download depending on your internet connection. each image will cover an area 3.5 by 4.8 miles.