Available web maps...
-- ADDRESSES and PARCELS -- New link that should work
-- ADDRESSES and PARCELS -- Original link that might not work

Prospective web maps...


We contracted with Ruekert & Mielke to provide a good web map.  They do a number of other Counties in the State.  For an example, you can check out Ozaukee County's map.


The link on the Web Maps page was pointing to a URL shortener.  I have replaced it with the full link, and will add it below...


This should take you to the Flex Map of the Parcels and Addresses.


In case you haven't noticed, I have GeoServer up and running on the new Server2, so the new JavaScript web map is functional.

There's still a little work to do to get it displaying labels and pop-ups on clicking a feature.

2014.07.15 -- JQUERY TEST MAP

I think I've finally decided on how I'll be making web maps.  Click HERE to get to the test map.

Here's how it looks in an embedded iframe...


Here's an OpenLayers Map test...

By clicking the + tool in the upper-right corner, you can choose basemaps and layers.

It looks a lot like the Google Map, but can have baselayers other than Google's.  I also don't have enough space on Google Maps to be able to add the parcels layer.

I still have to figure out how to format the pop-up ID.

2014.01.29 -- GOOGLE MAP TEST

I'm looking into different web map solutions.  Here's a Google Map test...

2013.01.31 -- UPDATED TO FLEX VIEWER 3.1

I updated to the new release of Flex Viewer (3.1) today.  It's the Flash program that displays the web maps.  You might have to clear your cache to get the new version to load.  If it doesn't work, drop me an email message, then put a "3" after "flex" in the address bar URL to get to the old version.  Example...


2013.01.16 -- WEB MAP UPDATE

First off...  I forgot to post an update that the techs fixed the firewall and the maps are working again.

Second...  I've updated the ADDRESSES and PARCELS map.  The parcels and zoning layers are now "dynamic", so the whole County will appear rather than just the first 1000 features.  If you expand the PARCELS layer, it will show the update date of the data.  I'm still waiting on the updated list of owners from the Treasurer...  I'll update the data when it arrives.

Version 0.9


We had some server work done the last couple weeks of last year, and it seems to have messed up the layers on the web maps.  I've alerted the techs and hope to have it working again soon.  I'll post again when it's working.


Seems there was a typo in the firewall rules.  The techs are working on getting it fixed and restarted.

2012.11.07 -- ELECTION RESULTS

There is a map of Iron County showing the election results from last night <HERE>.

2012.09.07 -- POP-UPS UPDATE 1

I've added pop-ups to the Addresses layer.

Version 0.8.1

2012.08.31 -- POP-UPS

I've figured out how to add pop-ups to the map.  Turn on the Parcels layer, and click one to see the info pop-up.  Parcels is the only working layer at the moment...  I might configure Addresses today.

Version 0.8

2012.08.27 -- WEB MAP UPDATE

There are a couple updates to the Addresses and Parcels web map...

I have limited the number of zoom levels available.  The current maximum extent almost shows the contiguous States.  I see no reason to zoom farther out, and the only reason I let it go this far out is that I like to look at the radar layer across the country.  I had received a question about setting a level at 1:7920.  It is possible, but it doesn't match any of the tiled basemap layers, so it would show just a white background rather than topographic features or aerial photos.

Speaking of basemaps, I have added more to the available list.  I really like the National Geographic map.

You might need to clear your cache. Follow the directions <HERE> to do so, then close your browser, reopen your browser, and reload the map. If there's a stale copy of the configuration file in your cache, it might error out while loading.

Version 0.7

2012.08.23 -- LABELS

I figured out how to display labels for features on the web map.  I've started with the Townships, Sections, and Section Corners.  The Township and Section labels will always display, while the Corner labels won't display if you are zoomed out too far.  The Corner labels are also a separate layer so they can be turned off if you want.

Version 0.6

2012.07.17 -- WEB MAP UPDATE

To increase the redraw speed, I lowered the number of features returned per request.  That means if you are zoomed out to the whole County level and turn on the parcels layer, you will only get a fraction of the total parcels.  Same with addresses.  It looks like the program starts drawing from the bottom of the screen, so in the example, it will draw the parcels in the southern-most tier in the County.  Once you zoom in to a usable extent where you can actually see the individual parcels/addresses, the limit won't matter.

Our internet connection is the best we can get around here, but still isn't great.  I would seriously consider moving my data to ESRI's ArcGIS Online if I could get a single-user account for the price of the annual maintenance of ArcGIS Server.

2012.07.16 -- FIRST WEB MAP

The first Iron County web map is now online.  Now that I have a process and template, I'll be creating a handful of maps with different themes.  This first map will be for looking up addresses and parcel information.  Click the WEB MAP HELP link in the menu to the left if you need help.

Click <HERE> to get to the Iron County Addresses and Parcels Map.