2017.04.05 -- NEW WEB MAP

We have contracted with Ruekert-Mielke Inc to provide a web map for Iron County.  It is still under development, but there has been so much demand that we are opening the map for public use.

There are two ways to get to the map...  You can go directly to the map, or use the "View Interactive Map" button on the Iron County Tax Portal.  The Tax Portal button will take you directly to the property, if there is a parcel for it.  The map will necessarily lag behind the Tax Portal page due to legal recording reasons.

Once on the map, there is a Search tool in the top-right corner of the page.  You can search for a name, an address, or a parcel number.  Technically, you can search for anything, but it will match as many parcels as it can and list them on the left.

Below the wheelchair icon next to the Search tool is a button that looks like a crossed wrench and screwdriver.  Clicking that will open a tool bar where there are a number of useful tools.