2016.12.05 -- SOME MAPS ARE DOWN

Some of the web maps are down.  The hosting company that was running the server was recently purchased by another company.  That company has decided to cancel all existing hosting plans.

I am sorry for the inconvenience.  There is no quick fix for this, and there is not enough time to fix it by the end of the month with all the end-of-year work I need to do.

2016.01.19 -- E911 TRAINING

Enhanced 911 training today will start for the Sheriff's Department Dispatchers today.

Iron County is the last County in Wisconsin to implement E911.  It will go live later this month.  When a call comes in, a map will automatically load on the screen in Dispatch showing the location of the caller.  It will be limited to standard telephone lines at first, but will soon be expanded to include locations reported by cell phones.

2015.10.27 -- 2015 PLAT BOOK

The new 2015 Plat Book is now available in the Register of Deeds office.


It is published by Rockford Map Publishers, again.  Click HERE for more info.

2014.10.17 -- SERVER2 UP

I finally carved out some time to get a new server up and running.  The basics of the map are working.  It will take some more time to get the labels and pop-ups to display, again.

Click HERE to get to the test map.

Here's how it looks in an embedded iframe...

2014.02.06 -- CBAS INFO

The Census Bureau has supplied me with some informational links about the Consolidated Boundary and Annexation Survey...

If you wish, you may contact Gail Krmenec at the Census Bureau for more information:

Gail Krmenec
U.S. Census Bureau
Geography Division/Geographic Areas Branch
1111 West 22nd St., Suite 400
Oak Brook, IL 60523

Voice: (630) 288-9258
FAX (630) 288-9313

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2013.06.18 -- SEARCH

I'm working on a search page.  Enter part of an address into the box and click the SEARCH button.  A short part of an address is best.  It is easier to return multiple matches to choose from than to exactly match the whole address... "1234W" or "OAK" rather than "1234W OAK STREET" because it's probably "1234W OAK ST".

2013.06.13 -- SERVER UPDATE

Sorry, it's been so long since the last update...  I've been given the responsibility of updating the County's main website and have fallen behind on this one.

The web server is back and running.  I haven't heard of any big problems with it in the last month.  We'll be having a meeting early next month and should get a full report.

In other news, I'm working on a better search system for the web map.  So far, I have it working for parcel number.  Next will be owner name, address, and tier-range-section.

2013.06.13 -- NEW PLAT BOOK

The new Plat Book is available in the Register of Deeds Office.

It is published by Rockford Map Publishers, again.  Along with the standard printed version, you can purchase a PDF version of the book for use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone.  Click HERE for more info.

2013.04.04 -- SERVER UPDATE

The server came back the other day and was hooked up to the network.  It ran for about a day.  I haven't heard what's wrong or when it will be fixed.

2013.03.21 -- SERVER UPDATE

Q: Will the map/web server be up anytime soon?

Short answer: No.

Long answer: The server's hard-drive controller died. The manufacturer sent a replacement. It didn't match because the original was an older model. Of course, they don't have that model any more. That took more than a week. The new controller probably works fine, but Microsoft programmed Windows to not run if it detects that it is in a different computer. That keeps people from registering one license of Windows, copying the hard-drive, and putting the copies in other computers. The new hard-drive controller was different enough that Windows said, "Not gonna happen, Tim." So, the techs had to ship the server back to the manufacturer. And nothing ships fast to/from here.

2013.03.19 -- MAP SERVER DOWN

The map server is currently down, so the web maps will not work.  I'll post again when the techs get it fixed.


Just a couple of stats about Iron County for your perusal...

The total area of Iron County is 919.3 square miles.  Of that, 116.5 sq-mi is in Lake Superior.  Of the remaining 802.8 sq-mi, 45.8 sq-mi is inland waters.  That leaves 757.0 sq-mi of actual land.

2013.02.28 -- NEW PLAT BOOK

The new Plat Book will be arriving soon.  I'll let you now when they are available in the Register of Deeds Office.

It is being published by Rockford Map Publishers again.  You will be able to purchase a PDF version of the book for use on your computer, tablet, or phone.

2012.04.20 -- SERVER UPGRADE

I upgraded the server this webpage runs on today... It's another surplus computer, but has better specs than the last one, so hopefully, this one will run better. It should at least reboot after a power loss, which was a short-falling of the last one.

2011.07.11 -- WEBSITE IS BACK

I had a webpage here way-back-when, many moons ago.  I'm finally taking the time to get it back up and running.

This site will now hold info about the Iron County GIS Office.  I'm looking at setting up a system to allow registered users to download updates to the County parcels data.